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The old walnut tree and the young birds

5000 to 7000 m2 of garden surround our house. Even we don't know that exactly any more. But it is one thing, our lifeline. Our pulse. Our resting place. Our source of strength.

And it is the same for our guests. A place of retreat. A place of relaxation. And a place of mindfulness.


Early in the morning, the sea of flowers in our garden invites us in summer. Then, after a wonderful breakfast outdoors, we walk the three minutes to our own bathing beach and jump into the cool waters of Lake Wörthersee.

The garden is a veritable sea of flowers in summer. We attach a lot of importance to the fact that bees and butterflies can feed on the flower splendour.


Live, exactly where others go on holiday. This phrase is often used as an advertising slogan. But we enjoy it. The children are out of the house and when the grandchildren visit us, we also spend time among our wonderful trees. 

The garden, our house, every single tree, the flowers, the bees and butterflies, the birds AND above all our guests - all this is our home.

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